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51 Maiden name may be Jewell (Miller), Anna Mary (I46404)
52 Maiden name may be Painter
Painter, Anna Jane (P26215)
53 Maiden name might be Baldwin previously married to a Scott
Scott, Jane (P10367)
54 Maiden name might be Painter
Painter, Elizabeth L. "Dot" (P991)
55 Maiden name was Marshall. Daughter of James Marshall
Marshall, Margaret (P10378)
56 Margaret should have a death certificate given the year of her death shown on her headstone but none has been found. Allshouse, Margaret Elisabeth (P1361)
57 Margaret's last name is listed as Hampton on her Death Certificate. She most likely was newly married. The name of her spouse is not yet known. More research is needed to locate the marriage notice or certificate. Allshouse, Margaret (P26449)
58 Mary appears in the 1850 Census in Richland Township Bucks County PA. She is living with a Foulke family. It is not known yet what Allshouse family that she connects to.
Allshouse, Mary (P26425)
59 Mary is found in the 1850 census living in Upper Saucon Township Lehigh County with the family of William and Mary Ann Walp. It is not certain which Allshouse family that she connects to.
Alshouse, Mary (P26486)
60 Mutrowna's obituary does not mention what cemetery she was buried in, only that she was buried here in this place. Indiana County is assumed from that. Most of the family is buried in Oakland Cemetery. A physical search at Oakland Cemetery will need to be made to see if she is buried there. Miller, Mutrowna Jane (I46405)
61 Never married
Black, Mary Boyd (P1688)
62 Never married
Black, Anna Elizabeth (P1689)
63 Never Married
Allshouse, Anna Mary (P2001)
64 Never married
Allshouse, Laura Almeda (P23263)
65 Never Married
Allshouse, William (P26027)
66 Never married
Hawk, John Gilmer (P35135)
67 Never married Kiley, Alice Marie (I30074)
68 No children
Miller, William (P2534)
69 No children
Miller, Samuel (P2537)
70 No children
Hawk, Sadie Mae (P35131)
71 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F9322
72 No children, never married
Autner, William J. (P16157)
73 No longer with his father in 1870 but can't be found elsewhere.
Hawk, Samuel (P1777)
74 Not sure of the relation. Hetti is on the 1850 Census but seems to be too old to be a child of Henry III and Elizabeth.
Allshouse, Hetti (P6795)
75 On the 1850 census with another family. One other Allshouse present is David Allshouse s/o Samuel and Esther Keck

Allshouse, Esther (P5852)
76 Parents not known yet. There is a Michael Kistler that came to Westmoreland County from Lynn, Northhampton County, PA. He is the son of John George Kistler.
Kistler, Christina (P26194)
77 Possibly the George married to Katherine Rodabaugh that had a son Harry. This may be the Henry listed here.
Allshouse, Henry (P23218)
78 Possibly the s/o Jacob Miller and Mary Uncapher
Miller, Henry B (P39141)
79 Possibly the son of Samuel Allshouse and Lydia Baughman.
Allshouse, Isaac P. (P23625)
80 Rev. preacher belonging to the United Brethern Church.
Dracksel, Abraham Rev. (P7700)
81 Samuel appears on the 1850 census in Greenwich Township Warren County New Jersey and is residing with a family of William and Martha Hamlin. What Allshouse family that he connects to and any relation to this family needs to be researched further.
Alshouse, Samuel (P26709)
82 Samuel never married Allshouse, Samuel A. (P6988)
83 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Allshouse, Daisy (P45568)
84 Some researchers are showing Rachel's parents as William Mecklem and Nancy Strock. Documentation is needed for this. Allshouse, Rachel M (I46505)
85 Still living in 1976 at the time of her brother William H. Clark's death. She was living in Hillsdale, PA at that time.
Source: Obituary of William H. Clark 
Clark, Bessie C (P22218)
86 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Allshouse, Caroline (I46532)
87 The Death certificate shows the birth and death year as 1906 but the grave stone shows 1904 as the birth year. Whiteman, Louis (P26274)
88 The family seems to be missing from the 1860 Census. A search of all residents in Kiskiminetas Township Armstrong County does not find Alexander Y Black's family listed. There are some residences marked unoccupied and that is most likely their dwellings. Black, Alexander Young (P1550)
89 The Obituary of George H Snyder states that William had already died prior to his death. Snyder, William (P1224)
90 The obituary of George H. Snyder states that David had already died prior to his death. Snyder, David (I46352)
91 There is a Jacob Gray Piper buried at West Union Cemetery that could be him:

Birth: Jul. 21, 1852Death: Aug. 5, 1871
West Union United Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Indiana County
Pennsylvania, USA
Piper, Jacob (P37442)
92 This Henry appears on the 1850 census in Armstrong County Plumcreek Township living with Abraham Frantz III and Susanna Davis. This Henry is most likely Henry IV, Henry son of Isaac Israel Allshouse, or Henry son of Samuel Allshouse and Esther Keck.
Allshouse, Henry (P26086)
93 This young lady is buried at South Bend Cemetery. There is no Narcissa Allshouse on the 1860, 1870, or 1880 census in Armstrong or nearby counties. This young lady is most likely a newly married bride. There was a Narcissa Townsend in Apollo which would be a possible candidate.
Allshouse, Narcissa (P43574)
94 User Submitted Copies Source (S-553290525)
95 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Daugherty, Silas Clark IV (I4846)
96 William appears on the 1850 census and is missing after that. There are no newspaper articles from that period. He is most likely buried with the rest of the family at Oakland Cemetery in Indiana PA but more research will be required. Miller, William E. (P1061)
97 William Appears on the 1850 census living with the family of John and Margaret Handshaw in Greenwich Township, Warren County New Jersey. It is not yet known what Allshouse family that he connects to or if there is a relation to this family.
Allshouse, William (P26658)
98 William is the nephew of Capt. Jonathan Rowe. I am not sure which William he is though. There is more than one.
Rowe, William (P29162)

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