Allshouse Family History

Researching our Allshouse ancestors and associated families primarily in the United States.

Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA


Tree: Allshouse Family Roots
Latitude: 40.1299841, Longitude: -77.2405153


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allison, Tate Hamilton  1752Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P29736
2 Armstrong, Nancy Margaret  1767Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P509
3 Blackburn, Elizabeth  11 Sep 1785Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P12829
4 Clever, Sarah  30 Apr 1831Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P4461
5 Dougherty, Elizabeth  24 Jan 1828Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P32864
6 Finley, Elizabeth  1745Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P657
7 Gettys, Samuel  1774Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P426
8 Leech, Ann  1767Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P39848
9 Mateer, Margaret  1790Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P12716
10 McGaughey, Margaret  1765Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P1112
11 Miller, Abraham  2 July 1782Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P2608
12 Miller, Andrew  1773Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P2611
13 Miller, Rebecca  1777Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P2609
14 Myers, Valentine Feltz "Felty"  14 Aug 1819Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P16320
15 Painter, Jacob  Abt 1774Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P34575
16 Painter, Peter John  14 Jun 1765Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P8202
17 Poe, Catherine  3 Jan 1737Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P3297
18 Rankin, John  Abt 1765Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P10345
19 Roush, Mary Ann Elizabeth  10 Aug 1821Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P31484
20 Simmons, Jenetta  Sep 2, 1880Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P4414
21 Sloan, Jane  1817Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P12718
22 Sloan, Samuel M  1819Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P12719
23 Souder, David C  1862Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P9228
24 Stewart, Elizabeth  1756Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P15478
25 Stewart, Isabella  1754Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P15481
26 Stewart, James  1758Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P15479
27 Stewert, Margaret  26 Sep 1768Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P15476
28 Varner, Adam  1810Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P4463
29 Varner, Adam Warner  1787Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P4438
30 Varner, Elizabeth  1819Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P4465
31 Varner, Elizabeth  1886Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P4441
32 Varner, Emma Jane  28 Apr 1858Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P4443
33 Varner, Sarah Sallie  30 Apr 1831Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P4452
34 Williams, Sarah  1770Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P35602


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (Stough), Catherine  28 Jun 1838Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P17800
2 Clever, Elizabeth  18 Apr 1877Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P4449
3 Clever, Sarah  22 Dec 1901Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P4461
4 Dui, Anna Maria  Feb 1783Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P17695
5 Geddes, William  1788Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P2459
6 Moorhead, Joseph  27 Nov 1852Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P12705
7 Orr, Elizabeth Margaret  1805Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P32865
8 Sharp, James  Feb 1861Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P32866
9 Varner, Adam  1890Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P4463
10 Varner, Adam Warner  28 Feb 1865Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P4438
11 Varner, Conrad  1869Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P4451
12 Varner, Elizabeth  1900Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P4441
13 Varner, Sarah Sallie  22 Dec 1901Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P4452


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Robinson, John L  1 Feb 1760Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P2359


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Snyder, Conrad  1798Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P17682
2 Souder, John Vincent  1917-1918Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P9300
3 Varner, Harry Beigler  Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA P4415


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Loutzenheiser / Schneider  14 May 1770Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA F2908