Allshouse Family History

Researching our Allshouse ancestors and associated families primarily in the United States.

Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA


Tree: Allshouse Family Roots
Latitude: 41.0525588, Longitude: -80.60785090000002


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allshouse, Clyde Thomas   P26156
2 Desimone, Mildred L Metzler  17 Jun 1909Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P25110
3 Jeffery, Mary  11 Oct 1930Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA I46277
4 Lewis, Louis John  30 Nov 1919Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P24882
5 Metzler, Thomas Edwin  8 Mar 1913Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P24886
6 Sedlacko, Andrew Adalbert  20 May 1920Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P25101
7 Sedlacko, Joseph J  4 Aug 1917Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P25097
8 Sedlacko, Kathryn  25 Dec 1912Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P25096
9 Sedlacko, Stephen  30 May 1915Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P25100


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allshouse, Corp Clifford Emmet  1 Apr 1967Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P26154
2 Allshouse, Hazel Dean  23 Oct 1940Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P5675
3 Allshouse, Preston Allen  10 Dec 1945Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P26101
4 Allshouse, Uriah Turney Miller  14 Feb 1970Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P26099
5 Knepshield, Vada V  18 Oct 1979Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P26160
6 Metzler, Thomas S  23 Nov 1944Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P25103
7 Olejnik, Helen  8 December1958Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P25094
8 Sedlacko, John L  20 Nov 1994Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P25089
9 Sedlacko, Richard L  7 Jan 1997Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P25093
10 Sedlacko, Stephen John  10 Dec 1939Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P25095


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Allshouse, Hazel Dean  23 Oct 1940Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P5675


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 (Lewis), Clara M  1920Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P25105
2 (Lewis), Clara M  1930Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P25105
3 (Lewis), Clara M  1935Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P25105
4 (Lewis), Clara M  1 Apr 1940Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P25105
5 Allshouse, Charles R  1930Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P26146
6 Allshouse, Charles R  1935Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P26146
7 Allshouse, Charles R  1 Apr 1940Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P26146
8 Allshouse, Cletta Mae   P26149
9 Allshouse, Cletta Mae   P26149
10 Allshouse, Cletta Mae   P26149
11 Allshouse, Corp Clifford Emmet  1930Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P26154
12 Allshouse, Corp Clifford Emmet  1935Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P26154
13 Allshouse, Corp Clifford Emmet  1 Apr 1940Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P26154
14 Allshouse, Clyde Thomas   P26156
15 Allshouse, Clyde Thomas   P26156
16 Allshouse, Clyde Thomas   P26156
17 Allshouse, Clyde Thomas   P26156
18 Allshouse, Donald E   P26157
19 Allshouse, Donald E   P26157
20 Allshouse, Edward E  1986Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P23033
21 Allshouse, Eugene F  1930Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P26148
22 Allshouse, Eugene F  1935Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P26148
23 Allshouse, Eugene F  1 Apr 1940Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P26148
24 Allshouse, Garnet Eleanor  1930Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P26152
25 Allshouse, Garnet Eleanor  1935Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P26152
26 Allshouse, Garnet Eleanor  1 Apr 1940Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P26152
27 Allshouse, George W  1983Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P43362
28 Allshouse, Hazel Dean  1930Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P5675
29 Allshouse, Hazel Dean  1935Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P5675
30 Allshouse, Hazel Dean  1 Apr 1940Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P5675
31 Allshouse, Margaret E   P26158
32 Allshouse, Margaret E   P26158
33 Allshouse, Margaret E   P26158
34 Allshouse, Preston   P26159
35 Allshouse, Preston Allen  1930Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P26101
36 Allshouse, Preston Allen  1935Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P26101
37 Allshouse, Preston Allen  1 Apr 1940Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P26101
38 Allshouse, Robert L   P26153
39 Allshouse, Sally A   P26155
40 Allshouse, Uriah T. Jr.  1930Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P26147
41 Allshouse, Uriah T. Jr.  1935Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P26147
42 Allshouse, Uriah T. Jr.  1 Apr 1940Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P26147
43 Allshouse, Uriah Turney Miller  Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P26099
44 Allshouse, Uriah Turney Miller  1930Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P26099
45 Allshouse, Uriah Turney Miller  1935Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P26099
46 Allshouse, Uriah Turney Miller  1 Apr 1940Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P26099
47 Allshouse, Velma E   P26150
48 Barnhart, Floyd Vanata  Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P9390
49 Barnhart, Floyd Vanata  1930Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P9390
50 Barnhart, Floyd Vanata  1935Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio, USA P9390

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