Allshouse Family History

Researching our Allshouse ancestors and associated families primarily in the United States.

Virginia, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (Baker), Pauline  Abt 1898Virginia, USA P14324
2 (Crum), Mary  Abt 1841Virginia, USA P5607
3 (Henry), Mary J.  1845Virginia, USA P37672
4 (Klingenberger), Martha  1801Virginia, USA P27911
5 (Sipes), Rosa B  Abt 1883Virginia, USA P42594
6 (Snyder), Eliza  1824Virginia, USA P18235
7 (Snyder), Martha  Abt 1855Virginia, USA P17219
8 Barham, Hazel V  Abt 1904Virginia, USA P38155
9 Bates, Sarah  12 Sep 1846Virginia, USA P4164
10 Bee, Jessie B   P32898
11 Best, Helen C   P13598
12 Best, Joseph J   P13601
13 Brown, Connie   P2848
14 Calcamp, August  7 Aug 1858Virginia, USA P17265
15 Calcamp, Mary Louise  1854Virginia, USA P17266
16 Conwell, Levi  1767Virginia, USA P11089
17 Conwell, Reason  5 Jun 1802Virginia, USA P11099
18 Cramer, George Washington  12 Apr 1846Virginia, USA P31470
19 Cumbie, Frances Stewart  14 Aug 1900Virginia, USA P43069
20 Cumbie, Otto  4 Jul 1892Virginia, USA P43068
21 Frantz, Abram Keener  4 Aug 1811Virginia, USA P8507
22 Keltz, Charles R   P24027
23 Kern, Jacob  Abt 1831Virginia, USA P7349
24 Kimmel, Simon Peter  22 May 1836Virginia, USA P2187
25 Kirk, George W  Jul 1857Virginia, USA P37955
26 Loftuss, Sarah A.  1810Virginia, USA P15525
27 Manough, Nancy  17 Jul 1810Virginia, USA P45927
28 Mathena, John E.  Abt 1876Virginia, USA P38996
29 Mathena, Preston  Abt 1867Virginia, USA P38997
30 Matheny, Cabell D.  Abt 1874Virginia, USA P38991
31 Matheny, Lannas Napoleon  22 Jan 1861Virginia, USA P38994
32 Matheny, Thomas  1834Virginia, USA P38986
33 Mercer, Margaret Ann  1840Virginia, USA P22901
34 Neatrour, Frederick A  16 Mar 1914Virginia, USA P35461
35 Potter, Maude E.  1885Virginia, USA P32902
36 Reed, Henry B.  Abt 1828Virginia, USA P25808
37 Rexrode, Christina  1736Virginia, USA P4466
38 Rexrode, Christina  1736Virginia, USA P36210
39 Rimmel, Barbra  Virginia, USA P30887
40 Rodgerson, Dewery A   P38157
41 Rodgerson, Henry T   P38159
42 Rodgerson, Philip E   P38158
43 Saxion, Stanley Earl  20 Apr 1896Virginia, USA P4609
44 Scott, Nancy Ann  31 Dec 1858Virginia, USA P32786
45 Shoup, Catherine  12 Sep 1790Virginia, USA P953
46 Smith, Frank O  Abt 1852Virginia, USA P43810
47 Smith, Lydia Ann  May,1833Virginia, USA P17270
48 Snyder, Amy  1847Virginia, USA P18233
49 Snyder, Charles  Abt 1824Virginia, USA P18231
50 Snyder, Francis A.  1845Virginia, USA P18234

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Carson, John S.  27 Sept 1864Virginia, USA P9210
2 Cumbie, Harvey  18 May 1904Virginia, USA P43060
3 Kimmel, Michael  1892Virginia, USA P2166
4 Swanson, Hassie Blake  01 Apr 1979Virginia, USA P2829
5 Wentzell, Samuel  1864Virginia, USA P29694
6 Young, Silas  1914Virginia, USA P15571


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 Dennis, John  1635Virginia, USA P5109
2 Garrett, Francis  1635Virginia, USA P5122
3 Garrett, Francis  1639Virginia, USA P5122
4 Henry, Patrick Rev.  1732Virginia, USA P34071
5 Robertson, William Rev  1680Virginia, USA P34093
6 Swanson, Robert Jr.  1638Virginia, USA P5102


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Saxion, Stanley Earl  Apr 1896Virginia, USA P4609
2 Shoup, Catherine  10 Jun 1790Virginia, USA P953
3 Shoup, Catherine  10 June 1790Virginia, USA P953
4 Winters, John Lloyd  April 2, 1855Virginia, USA P17243


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Civil    Person ID 
1 Allshouse, James Henry  Virginia, USA P19758
2 Baker, Grant  Virginia, USA P14293
3 Erb, Mary Margretta  Virginia, USA P8878
4 Marshall, Margaret Etta Oglive  Virginia, USA P13593
5 Swanson, Elizabeth M  Virginia, USA P2790
6 Swanson, Thomas Harwood  Virginia, USA P2792
7 Varner, James L  Virginia, USA P4285


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allshouse / Burnett  16 May 1984Virginia, USA F8020
2 Ondish / Swanson   F792
3 Scott / Kittle  1846Virginia, USA F5827
4 Swanson / (Swanson)  Virginia, USA F732
5 Varner / Rexrode  1757Virginia, USA F607