Allshouse Family History

Researching our Allshouse ancestors and associated families primarily in the United States.




Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (Mason), Myrtle May  Apr 1878Wisconsin P14397
2 Billings, Jane  Abt. 1861Wisconsin P22431
3 Burt, Charles H  Apr 1855Wisconsin P38137
4 Coleman, Clarence  Nov 1881Wisconsin P45829
5 Coleman, Jessie  Dec 1879Wisconsin P45831
6 Dore, Jerome B  Oct 1884Wisconsin P44282
7 Franzina, Clement  Abt. 1901Wisconsin P8331
8 George, John Ludwig Jr.  19 Oct 1875Wisconsin P28427
9 Henry, Alfred  1859Wisconsin P2550
10 Henry, Arthur  Abt 1915Wisconsin P37810
11 Henry, Cecilia   P37815
12 Henry, Ethel M   P37818
13 Henry, Everet L  03 Sep 1919Wisconsin P37819
14 Henry, George E  Abt 1908Wisconsin P37813
15 Henry, Sylvia M   P37820
16 James, Naomi A Dr.  2 Jul 1928Wisconsin P28436
17 James, Thomas William   P28439
18 Kozelka, Albert  Oct 1887Wisconsin P37828
19 Kozelka, John  14 Jun 1877Wisconsin P37825
20 Kozelka, Joseph  Sep 1879Wisconsin P37826
21 Kozelka, Josephina Eral  20 Nov 1885Wisconsin P37827
22 Kozelka, Vincent  18 Jul 1875Wisconsin P37830
23 Mason, Riley E.  Dec 1855Wisconsin P14453
24 Mezera, Albina  Feb 1898Wisconsin P37833
25 Mezera, Christina M  16 Jul 1894Wisconsin P37821
26 Mezera, Frank  Abt 1867Wisconsin P37832
27 Mezera, James  Oct 1899Wisconsin P37834
28 Mezera, Martin  Abt 1901Wisconsin P37836
29 Mezera, Mary  Abt 1893Wisconsin P37837
30 Mezera, Vencel  Abt 1900Wisconsin P37835
31 Smith, Andrew  Feb 1865Wisconsin P37975
32 Smith, Charles  Abt 1870Wisconsin P37979
33 Smith, Elisabeth  Abt 1862Wisconsin P37978
34 Smith, Francis  Abt 1865Wisconsin P37980
35 Smith, Marian  Abt 1858Wisconsin P37977


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Miller, Arveda Ruth  1982Wisconsin P45808


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Civil    Person ID 
1 Allshouse, William Charles  Wisconsin P20179
2 James, Naomi A Dr.  Wisconsin P28436