Allshouse Family History

Researching our Allshouse ancestors and associated families primarily in the United States.

New Jersey, USA


Tree: Allshouse Family Roots

State/Province : Latitude: 40.0583238, Longitude: -74.4056612


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (Allshouse), Adeline  1826New Jersey, USA P26662
2 (Allshouse), Alice E   P26549
3 (Allshouse), Dorothy E   P26552
4 (Allshouse), Frieda L.  Abt 1899New Jersey, USA P26546
5 (Allshouse), Hannah A  Abt 1886New Jersey, USA P26708
6 (Allshouse), Mary  1785New Jersey, USA P26661
7 (Allshouse), Mary  8 Jun 1801New Jersey, USA P26704
8 (Bender), Elizabeth  Abt 1875New Jersey, USA P26959
9 (Cornish), Vera M  Abt 1904New Jersey, USA P26832
10 (Drake), Anna B  Sep 1861New Jersey, USA P27076
11 (Drake), Jennie  May 1870New Jersey, USA P27087
12 (Drake), Rosa E  Nov 1868New Jersey, USA P27088
13 (Faye), Dorothy M   P27288
14 (Hadden), Elizabeth  6 Jun 1841New Jersey, USA P27041
15 (Kissebbach), Hazel D  Abt 1895New Jersey, USA P26921
16 (Kisselbach), Mary  Abt 1838New Jersey, USA P26861
17 (Kluge), Elizabeth  Abt 1881New Jersey, USA P27370
18 (Maurhoff), Ruth M  26 Jan 1905New Jersey, USA P43636
19 (Russell), Ruth   P27299
20 (Silverthorn), Anna M  Abt 1893New Jersey, USA P45301
21 (Silverthorn), Margaret  Abt 1844New Jersey, USA P45294
22 (Snyder), Adella  Nov 1840New Jersey, USA P19412
23 (Stout), Amanda  Abt 1841New Jersey, USA P27069
24 Allhouse, Clifford  Abt 1896New Jersey, USA P26512
25 Allshouse, Abraham   P26537
26 Allshouse, Adda  Dec 1898New Jersey, USA P27058
27 Allshouse, C. Phillip  Jul 1860New Jersey, USA P26495
28 Allshouse, Cecelia Mary  1845New Jersey, USA P26497
29 Allshouse, Clayton B  Mar 1848New Jersey, USA P26498
30 Allshouse, Clifford   P26535
31 Allshouse, Daisy   P45568
32 Allshouse, Dolores M   P26553
33 Allshouse, Edward C Jr.   P26545
34 Allshouse, Eleanor H. "Ellen"  Nov 1832New Jersey, USA P7363
35 Allshouse, Elizabeth  Abt 1843New Jersey, USA P7360
36 Allshouse, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  Mar 1884New Jersey, USA P7406
37 Allshouse, Ella Ada  1 Dec 1863New Jersey, USA P7385
38 Allshouse, Flavel  Nov 1872New Jersey, USA P7401
39 Allshouse, Florence  14 Oct 1853New Jersey, USA P7382
40 Allshouse, Frank R.  Abt 1879New Jersey, USA P26706
41 Allshouse, Gertrude   P45569
42 Allshouse, Gladys   P26536
43 Allshouse, Harry  Abt 1868New Jersey, USA P45333
44 Allshouse, Hugh R   P43257
45 Allshouse, Jacob  About 1818New Jersey, USA P30140
46 Allshouse, Jacob A. Pvt  10 Nov 1839New Jersey, USA P7356
47 Allshouse, James H.  May 1838New Jersey, USA P7361
48 Allshouse, John Jr.  23 Oct 1843New Jersey, USA P7359
49 Allshouse, John N.  Sep 1844New Jersey, USA P26496
50 Allshouse, Joseph  1836New Jersey, USA P26494

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allshouse, Clayton B  1919New Jersey, USA P26498
2 Allshouse, Jacob  26 Feb 1866New Jersey, USA P30140
3 Allshouse, Leavitt S."Levi"  9 Feb 1931New Jersey, USA P7398
4 Cowell, Mary H.  21 Jul 1894New Jersey, USA P30149
5 Dodd, Hester Louise  17 Dec 1945New Jersey, USA P27338
6 Hauser, Aurora E  1915New Jersey, USA P27074
7 High, Susan Kathryn  22 June 1999New Jersey, USA P20423
8 Howell, Mary F.  16 Dec 1892New Jersey, USA P30139
9 Kates, Bertha M  Feb 1920 - Mar 1925New Jersey, USA P45565
10 Kuhns, Josephine  7 Jul 1939New Jersey, USA P44570
11 Lommason, Henry S  21 Jun 1906New Jersey, USA P26669
12 Lommason, John  21 Dec 1910New Jersey, USA P26670
13 Opie, Anna L.  1938New Jersey, USA P26505
14 Russell, Hazel B  11 Dec 1964New Jersey, USA P26948
15 Russell, Raymond A  26 Oct 1959New Jersey, USA P26942
16 Schmitt, Lulu Sophia  17 Aug 1973New Jersey, USA P26911
17 Shaffer, J Frank  Abt 1969New Jersey, USA P45318
18 Stout, Nettie  3 Mar 1942New Jersey, USA P27061
19 Strouse, Minnie E  1946New Jersey, USA P26930
20 West, Robert  1981New Jersey, USA P9160


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Allshouse, Anna Louisa  New Jersey, USA P26514
2 Allshouse, Earl William  New Jersey, USA P26705
3 Allshouse, Edward Cook  New Jersey, USA P26515
4 Allshouse, Marcus D.  New Jersey, USA P7358
5 Allshouse, Margaret H "Retta"  New Jersey, USA P7399
6 Allshouse, Mary Louisa  New Jersey, USA P26504
7 Allshouse, Minnie A  New Jersey, USA P45643
8 Allshouse, William  New Jersey, USA P26503
9 Alshouse, Arthur Howell  New Jersey, USA P30138
10 Alshouse, George Smith  New Jersey, USA P26665
11 Alshouse, William Judson  New Jersey, USA P26660
12 Durling, Julia Ann  New Jersey, USA P26516
13 Hart, John (Signer)  Mar 1714New Jersey, USA P3848
14 Kisselbach, Anne D.  New Jersey, USA P26639
15 Kisselbach, Blanche May  New Jersey, USA P26934
16 Kisselbach, Earl  New Jersey, USA P26859
17 Kisselbach, Frederick I  New Jersey, USA P26638
18 Price, Blanche M  New Jersey, USA P26862
19 Quick, Charles John Nelson  New Jersey, USA P45296
20 Silverthorn, James W.  New Jersey, USA P45306
21 Templeton, Rosanna Woddring  New Jersey, USA P26941
22 Woolweaver, Abraham  New Jersey, USA P26508


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (Allshouse), Mary  1801New Jersey, USA P26704
2 Allshouse, Sarah B  Jul 1824New Jersey, USA P7373
3 Allshouse, William "Welhelm"  Abt 1802New Jersey, USA P6092
4 Crissman, Johannah B.  12 Mar 1777New Jersey, USA P7459
5 Hart, Mitchell  1776New Jersey, USA P3850
6 Hutchinson, Lydia  26 Nov 1768New Jersey, USA P6109
7 Johnston, Christopher J.  1828New Jersey, USA P1672
8 Johnston, Peter  11 Nov 1830New Jersey, USA P1639
9 Kisselbach, Donald  Abt 1907New Jersey, USA P26866
10 Kisselbach, Earl  Aug 1896New Jersey, USA P26859
11 Kisselbach, Harold  Abt 1905New Jersey, USA P26864
12 Kisselbach, Hester  1910New Jersey, USA P26857
13 Kisselbach, Hester  Abt 1912New Jersey, USA P26857
14 Kisselbach, Kenneth  1902New Jersey, USA P26858
15 Kisselbach, Roy  Dec 1894New Jersey, USA P26863
16 Kisselbach, William D  1873New Jersey, USA P26637
17 Kisselbach, William D  Abt 1874New Jersey, USA P26637
18 Major, Margaret Mary  Abt 1915New Jersey, USA P27294
19 Russell, Laverne Lawrence  1913New Jersey, USA P26949
20 Shienle, Jacob John  15 Sep 1881New Jersey, USA P26542


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Civil    Person ID 
1 (Kisselbach), Eva Arlene  New Jersey, USA P26926
2 (Kisselbach), Natalie G.  New Jersey, USA P26927
3 Allshouse, Philip  New Jersey, USA P26533
4 Allshouse, Theodore B  New Jersey, USA P26513
5 Banks, Sylvia Mae  New Jersey, USA P12391
6 Bender, Marguerite Elizabeth  New Jersey, USA P26914
7 DeHart, Clara M  New Jersey, USA P26894
8 Faye, "Fred" Fridthjov  New Jersey, USA P26906
9 Faye, "Fred" Fridthjov  New Jersey, USA P26906
10 Faye, Andrew  New Jersey, USA P26905
11 Kisselbach, Donald  New Jersey, USA P26866
12 Kisselbach, Donald W  New Jersey, USA P26923
13 Kisselbach, Frank G  New Jersey, USA P26791
14 Kisselbach, Harold  New Jersey, USA P26864
15 Kisselbach, Harry Jacob  New Jersey, USA P26916
16 Kisselbach, Jacob B  New Jersey, USA P26789
17 Kisselbach, Kenneth  New Jersey, USA P26858
18 Kisselbach, Richard William  New Jersey, USA P26912
19 Kisselbach, Robert  New Jersey, USA P26917
20 Kisselbach, Roy  New Jersey, USA P26863
21 Kisselbach, Roy  New Jersey, USA P26919
22 Kluge, William Harold  New Jersey, USA P27357
23 Miller, Sarah Mary  New Jersey, USA P15970
24 Pfannenschlag, Emma Jane  New Jersey, USA P26962
25 Russell, Clayton Elias  New Jersey, USA P26946
26 Russell, Laverne Lawrence  New Jersey, USA P26949
27 Russell, Lillian M  New Jersey, USA P26943
28 Skillman, Eleanore  New Jersey, USA P26539
29 Smith, Calvin Charles  New Jersey, USA P26908
30 Smith, Margaret Mary  New Jersey, USA P26907
31 Smith, Maybelle Mae  New Jersey, USA P26873
32 Snyder, Beatrice Mary  New Jersey, USA P16309
33 Strouse, Sadie E  New Jersey, USA P26868
34 Wagner, Helen Gertrude  New Jersey, USA P900
35 Woolweaver, Abraham  New Jersey, USA P26508


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Gregg, John William  New Jersey, USA P41442


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married    Person ID 
1 Emley, Sarah  17 Oct 1744New Jersey, USA P2932
2 Watson, Arron David  17 Oct 1744New Jersey, USA P2933


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Kisselbach, Edward  New Jersey, USA P6783
2 Kisselbach, Roy  New Jersey, USA P26919
3 Watson, Arron David  New Jersey, USA P2933


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Drake / Allshouse  Before 1920New Jersey, USA F4669
2 Groff / Test  JunNew Jersey, USA F5072
3 Shaffer / Allshouse  1914New Jersey, USA F8712