Allshouse Family History

Researching our Allshouse ancestors and associated families primarily in the United States.

New York, USA


Tree: Allshouse Family Roots
Latitude: 40.7127837, Longitude: -74.0059413


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (Allshouse), Deborah  Abt 1781New York, USA P29173
2 (Bender), Elizabeth  Aug 1849New York, USA P26963
3 (Black), Jennie N.  Abt 1816New York, USA P33504
4 (Halwick), Elvira  Abt 1886New York, USA P27333
5 (Henry), Reed P   P38632
6 (Lippel), Jennie  Abt 1903New York, USA P37555
7 (Russell), Mary  Apr 1852New York, USA P27289
8 (Snyder), Mary E.  Jan 1868New York, USA P18080
9 (Wilson), Sarah E  Feb 1844New York, USA P27308
10 Allshouse, Ann  Abt 1787New York, USA P29165
11 Allshouse, Emily  1829New York, USA P29167
12 Allshouse, James  1833New York, USA P29168
13 Allshouse, Mervin Sorber Jr.  22 May 1918New York, USA P23810
14 Allshouse, Polly A  1843New York, USA P29311
15 Alshouse, Comad K  Abt 1811New York, USA P29185
16 Alshouse, Stephen  Abt 1791New York, USA P29186
17 Alverson, Lucina  16 June 1824New York, USA P26760
18 Alverson, William Augustus  Abt 1821New York, USA P26762
19 Boorman, George   P40292
20 Boorman, Harley A  Abt 1893New York, USA P40294
21 Boorman, Ralph   P40293
22 Brennan, John   P35464
23 Brennan, Mary M   P35463
24 Brennen, Bernard   P35467
25 Brennen, Carol   P35465
26 Brennen, Evelyn   P4041
27 Brennen, Genevieve "Eva"   P35466
28 Brezee, Katherine B. "Kate"  Abt 1834New York, USA P25807
29 Brigge, Alvira  1901New York, USA P24552
30 Brigge, Elsa J  Jan 1890New York, USA P24555
31 Brigge, Mary L  Mar 1888New York, USA P24557
32 Brigge, Melvin Billings  31 Jan 1899New York, USA P24554
33 Brown, Mary Robina  Abt 1879New York, USA P37985
34 Carroll, Rose  1835New York, USA P42243
35 Dale, James Gillespie  Abt 1888New York, USA P2878
36 Dale, John R   P2879
37 Daugherty, Hugh  Abt 1795New York, USA P32018
38 Driesbach, Abraham B  Oct 1828New York, USA P14635
39 Driesbach, Catherine E  May 1832New York, USA P14632
40 Driesbach, Isaac  16 Aug 1842New York, USA P14629
41 Driesbach, John  Abt 1834New York, USA P14633
42 Driesbach, Monroe A  18 April 1845New York, USA P14626
43 Driesbach, William  Jul 1837New York, USA P14630
44 Duggleby, Doris Florence  18 Mar 1911New York, USA P27313
45 Duggleby, Francis   P27324
46 Fairbrother, Emeline C  1 Apr 1842New York, USA P7467
47 Fangboner, Elizabeth  18 Oct 1837New York, USA P7493
48 Fangboner, Mary  1842New York, USA P27018
49 Farney, Abram  1839New York, USA P29179
50 Ferris, Peter  26 May 1830New York, USA P9906

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Almes, Kate May  1959New York, USA P32645
2 Cochran, Harry Cummings  26 Oct 1923New York, USA P37654
3 Johnston, Robert  01 Jun 1876New York, USA P15153
4 Lydick, Luella Marguerite  21 Dec 1971New York, USA P13686
5 Minkler, Anna Engel  1727New York, USA P17888
6 Minkler, Jesias  1740New York, USA P17885
7 Minkler, Lena Margaretha  1 Oct 1815New York, USA P17899
8 Pierce, Josiah  1827New York, USA P28209
9 Ramsey, Samuel  New York, USA P2451
10 Ritzel, Catherine  6 May 1904New York, USA P31909
11 Schneider, Anna Margaretha  New York, USA P17842
12 Shutt, Aaron  1906New York, USA P14601
13 Shutt, Linford  1897New York, USA P14603
14 Smith, Michael  New York, USA P40096
15 Swickard, Nancy  14 May 1917New York, USA P10199
16 Tonnius, Anna Catharina  1714New York, USA P17838
17 Tschudi, Hans Jakob  1713New York, USA P4339
18 Weidman, Elizabeth  26 Apr 1889New York, USA P14651
19 Weidman, Lydia  1901New York, USA P14786
20 Whipple, Warren Elam  18 May 1884New York, USA P39926
21 Zerfass, John  1893New York, USA P14591


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 Beck, Catherine Elizabeth  New York, USA P23287


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (Campbell), Eliza  About October 20,1797New York, USA P18406
2 Clute, Emma E.  13 Dec 1821New York, USA P10954
3 Eakman, Joseph B.  1769New York, USA P22174


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Civil    Person ID 
1 (Allshouse), Arrabelle  New York, USA P9502
2 Allshouse, Lola Pearle  New York, USA P20082
3 Blystone, Harriet Leona  New York, USA P10591
4 Connolly, Alice  New York, USA P8787
5 Dale, Lois Demerit  New York, USA P2861
6 Duggleby, Doris Florence  New York, USA P27313
7 Fiscus, Harold Salem II  New York, USA P21552
8 Gongaware, Walter Wallace Jr  New York, USA P23538
9 Grubbs, Fred Herple  New York, USA P19765
10 Halwick, Floyd J  New York, USA P27291
11 Halwick, Harold  New York, USA P27293
12 Hatrick, Gloria  New York, USA P196
13 Hileman, Thomas E  New York, USA P21869
14 Hileman, Torrance D  New York, USA P21868
15 Kayner, Howard W  New York, USA P11340
16 Miller, Clifford W  New York, USA P8384
17 Petricig, Amelia Velia  New York, USA P22059
18 Russell, Julia Nettie  New York, USA P27302
19 Russell, Viola L.  New York, USA P26944
20 Schriber, Esther Marie  New York, USA P3540
21 Shienle, Jacob John  New York, USA P26542
22 Snyder, Leon F  New York, USA P27459
23 Townsend, Frank Nelson  New York, USA P178
24 Wilson, Russell L  New York, USA P27312


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 McCullough, David  New York, USA P28128
2 Snyder, George Duncan Col  New York, USA P27425


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Every, Dolores J  New York, USA P27335
2 Halwick, Floyd J  New York, USA P27291


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    _DEST    Person ID 
1 Grothe, Hazel  New York, USA P12111


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brigge / Coddington  18 Mar 1885New York, USA F4179
2 McCartney / Markham  1831New York, USA F8
3 Minkler / Schneider  1725New York, USA F2915
4 Weidman / Miller  1817New York, USA F2386