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1 1850 Census found with a family named Arrit - George and Elizabeth. Parents not known.
Alshouse, Elen (P26085)
2 1850 Census living with a Bear family in Hempfield Township Westmoreland County PA. Not sure who the parents are.
Allshouse, Sarah Jane (P6682)
3 1850 Census living with David Klingensmith and wife Marie McKinney. David's sibling married Nancy and later Priscilla Allshouse daughter's of Henry II the fifer. It is not certain which of Henry's children that Elen and Freny belong to.
Alshouse, Elen (P26083)
4 1900 Census listed as Lars.
1850 Census has two Lewis Gongaware's in Hempfield township. One stays in Hempfield township and marries Louisa Miller.
Lewis Whitehead Gongaware appears in Penn township Westmoreland County starting in 1860.
Gongaware, Lewis Whitehead (P23272)
5 According to Diane L Lemons, Albert lived in Jonesboro, Indiana Lemons, Albert (P29575)
6 Alma is present on the 1900 and 1910 census but not on 1920 or thereafter.
Allshouse, Alma Beryl (P23753)
7 Appears in the 1850 Census in Clarion County Monroe Township by himself and one child James W. Johnston in the household. It could be a carryover from another page. He is listed having the occupation of wagon maker.

Allshouse, William (P26375)
8 Appears on the 1850 Census, Allegheny, Armstrong County, PA living with Levi Stitt and wife Leah. Parents not known.
Allshouse, Margaret (P26298)
9 Arthur was swimming in the Kiski river with friends when he was overcome by the cold, sucked down in a whirlpool in the river and drowned. Divers found him grasping to a rock. Black, Arthur Harrison (P1523)
10 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Dobrowolski, Alan D (P3632)
11 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Dobrowolski, Eileen M (P3633)
12 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Thompson, Debra (P34871)
13 Clarles Lloyd Clark is listed as having preceded his brother William H Clark in death. His brother William died in 1976. Clark, Charles Lloyd (P21864)
14 Contributions of Allshouse Family History Participants Repository (REPO1)
15 David appears on the 1850 census in Porter Township, Clarion county PA. He is living with a Shinsfelt family. His parents are not yet known.
Allshouse, David (P26377)
16 Death from a gunshot wound, appeared to be suicide.
Henry, Tessie Lenore (P38340)
17 Delilah appears on the 1850 census in Greenwich Township Warren County New Jersey living with a family of Joseph and Elizabeth Smith. Additional research will be needed to identify what Allshouse family that she belongs to.

Alshouse, Delilah (P26711)
18 Did not marry. No children
Miller, Elizabeth (P2539)
19 Didn't marry.
Allshouse, Harriet Belle "Hattie" (P23321)
20 Died young
Hawk, Jacob (P35113)
21 Died young according to Vol 1 Indiana County PA Her People Past and Present pg. 611
Thompson, Ebenezer (P1184)
22 Edward Vernon Blystone was the son of Charles Andrew Peel and Ethel Clubb. Ethel later remarried after Charles Peel died. This information provided by his son Robert Vernon Blystone:

Description: Edward Vernon Blystone (my father) was issue from Charles Andrew Peel and Ethel M. Clubb. Peel died as a result of the Spanish Flu epidemic. Peel died in 1919. Ethel Clubb remarried to Peter Hamilton Blystone (first cousin) in approximately 1921. They had no living issue. Ethel died from TB with burial at Ft. Sam Houston. Her son Edward's ashes were spread over her grave at his death. Edward Blystone married Cecilia Mueller on June 25, 1940 in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Their first son was born in El Paso, Texas July 4, 1943. His name is Robert Vernon Blystone. He currently resides in San Antonio, Texas. Their second son was also born in El Paso, Texas on Sept. 5, 1949. His name is Kenneth Edward Blystone and resides in El Paso, Texas. Robert has one son and Kenneth has two sons. Thank you for Allshouse Family History. My correction is to show that Charles Andrew Peel was the father of Edward Blystone, not Peter Hamilton Blystone, who was Edward's step-father. 
Blystone, Edward Vernon (P12211)
23 Elizabeth Allshouse is found on the 1850 census in Springfield Township Bucks County PA. She is living with the family of Daniel and Maryann Small. It is not yet determined what Allshouse family that she connects to.
Allshouse, Elizabeth (P26459)
24 Emma may have a brother Aaron b. 28 MAR 1874 d. 25 OCT 1936. That Aaron also has a father Aaron Allshouse in the same timeline. His death certificate PA #87664 names the mother as Mary Winaugle. There is an Aaron Allshouse from this timeline buried in St. Paul's Lutheran in Zelienople, Butler County, Pennsylvania but I have not yet been able to document him as the parent of either Emma or Aaron.  Allshouse, Emma Viola (P45657)
25 Engaged to a Patrice Johnston - mentioned in his mother's obituary
Wells, Howard Leroy (P20221)
26 Freny appears on the 1850 census in Hempfield Township, Westmoreland County PA living with David Klingensmith and Marie McKinney. It is not certain which Allshouse family Freny and Elen belong to.
Alshouse, Freny (P26084)
27 Frieda's maiden name may be Ramer but it needs to be verified. (Heckman), Frieda (I46244)
28 Gerald's Death Certificate says he was buried in Falls Creek Jefferson County. There are a few cemeteries in that area. The exact cemetery is not known. Allshouse, Gerald (I46499)
29 Grace Long on Military Compensation form of Paul I Eckman
Grace Carney on Death Index of Paul I Eckman
Carney, Grace L (P39387)
30 Had 7 children
Weaver, Joseph K. Dr. (P3413)
31 Half brother Harrison Funk. Exact nature of this relation is not yet known but Harrison is mentioned in George H. Snyder's obituary. Snyder, George Helsel (P1222)
32 Half sister Lottie Myers - yet to be identified.
Allshouse, Cyrus Albert (P28366)
33 Hannah appears on the 1850 census in Haycock Township Bucks County PA residing with a Mr. Frederick Cramlick. It is not known yet what Allshouse family that she connects to.
Allshouse, Hannah (P26426)
34 He appears in the 1850 census in Limestone township, Clarion county, PA. He is living with a family of Allison's.
Allshouse, Peter (P26376)
35 He appears on the 1850 census in Young Township, Indiana County in what appears to be a carpentry school. Parents not yet known.
Allshouse, George (P26317)
36 He died in home of his daughter Alice Elder Elder, Joseph Thomas (P37635)
37 Henry and Mary did not have any children. Stitt, Mary Jane (I46619)
38 Henry appears on the 1850 census in Greenwich Township Warren County New Jersey. He is living with Charles and Christian Segreans. Additional research will be needed to place him with his family and determine if he is related to the Seagreans.
Alshouse, Henry (P26710)
39 Historical account of the Dobrowolski family and their coming to America

Description: In the late 19th century, Poland had been partitioned for almost 100 years between Russia, Austria, and Germany. My grandfather (Pavel) was technically born in Russia therefore and my grandmother (Marya) was born in Polish-Austria that was known as Galicia. My grandfather thus would have held a russian passport and my grandmother an Austrian one. My grandmother entered the country through Boston to be with her sister; we are not sure of my grandfather. A side note - two of my grandmother's brothers - twins, and both catholic priests - were executed at Dachau during WWII

Submitted by Alan D. Dobrowolski 3 Feb 2016 
Family F789
40 I am suspicious that this Elizabeth is the daughter of the same Zimmerman family is married into. That Elizabeth is showing linked to a Jefferson family in VA
Zimmerman, Elizabeth (P10779)
41 In 1850 Census. Not certain of the parent. Most likely a granddaughter of John Allshouse 1781 and Margaret Klingensmith Allshouse 1795
Allshouse, Martha (P26299)
42 In Two Volumes Source (S-541205668)
43 It is not yet known for certain the parents of Mary Miller. There is a Mary Miller d/o Andrew N. Miller that was a neighbor of Alexander Y. Black.  Miller, Mary (P1547)
44 It is not yet known what Allshouse family this William Allshouse connects to. More research is needed. Allshouse, William (I30166)
45 Johan William Bescht's name was changed to William Best Family F899
46 John E Clark is listed in his brother William H. Clark's obituary as having predeceased him in 1976. Clark, John E (P22220)
47 John T. Snyder's Death Certificate says that his father was John Snyder. His Father in law was John Autner. I believe he is the son of George Harvey Snyder and Martha McKenzie. I am currently trying to prove this but I need to find obituaries of George H Snyder's other children to see if John T Snyder is mentioned. Snyder, John (P944)
48 John Tobias Snyder's Death Certificate states that his father is John Snyder. This is incorrect. His father is George Helsel Snyder and this is proven by the mention of him in the obituaries of the other children of George H. Snyder. The father of Mary M. (Autner) Snyder was John Autner and it is believed that the informant George R. Snyder got this confused. Snyder, John Tobias (P820)
49 Living in the same household as Reuben Allshouse in the 1860 census. Not sure if she is a wife or an unconnected Allshouse
Allshouse, Leah (P29711)
50 Maiden name may be Garrett
Garrett, Elizabeth (P28928)

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